Selection Process

Become a Member of Team USA Youth
Candidates must demonstrate the willingness to learn all aspects of competitive fly fishing, demonstrate the ability to work well with others, make sound judgments, and develop as a team member. An applicant is required to attend and complete one USYFFT, Inc., sponsored clinic  in order to be eligible to compete in the National Championship held annually. The candidate must then finish in the top 10 on the Trout Legend Youth Leader board to make the team.  The top 10 Trout Legend Points holders make the team.  The final 5 spots are optional  and at coaches discretion.  The Coach maintains the right to make final decisions.

Being the best competitor requires training, dedication, maturity, and team unity. We are looking for young anglers, ages 11-18, who understand these values, demonstrate superior angling skills and have the desire to push themselves.  Interested competitors will have the opportunity to learn various competition proven skills and techniques. They will be coached on the rules and strategy utilized by Team USA Youth Fly Fishing. Please note that we accept ages 11-17 for the Clinics, but a youth angler must be at least age 14, and have met specific Team requirements, to compete in the National and World Championships.

Additional requirements include a demonstrated knowledge of the FIPS-Mouche rules, the ability to represent the United States and be an “ambassador” of our country when traveling internationally. All team members, and staff associated with the organization, are required to read and sign the USYFFT, Inc. Code of Conduct, which is revised annually.

All Team USA Youth members are responsible for their full travel, housing and meal expenses to clinics, workshops, and competitions. They may also be required to contribute to the Coach’s travel expenses for international competition.

Team USA Youth welcomes qualified young men and women,who are residents of the United States and its territories. Team USA Youth does not discriminate based upon race, gender or ethnicity.



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