Paul Bourcq – Assistant Coach

paulbourcq     Paul Bourcq was raised in Franklin NC, the heart of some of the best trout fishing in the southern Appalachian mountains.  As a self taught fisherman, Paul learned from an early age how to catch fish with very little gear or formal training.  This adaptive “outside the box” style has been crucial to his success as a competitive angler.  Paul began competing with the North Carolina Fly Fishing Team in October of 2009.  From an early point in his competition career Paul had guidance from great anglers, Gordon Vanderpool, Josh Stephens, Chris Lee, George Daniel, and many many others.  He recognized early that a strong team base and sound basics were the keys to success.   Under his guidance, Team NC won the Trout Legend Cup 2 times, establishing their dominance in regional and National Competition.  To date, Team NC has been the most successful regional team in the nation.  It was during this time that Paul began developing the system and methods that made the team successful.  In 2012 Paul made Team USA in Bend, Oregon and has remained on the team since. In the same year,  Paul began working as an assistant coach for Team USA Youth.  That year the team won the first team gold medal in international competition in Italy.  In 2013,  Paul became the Head Coach of Team USA Youth, and continued the medal wins with a silver team medal in France and an individual bronze medal.  In 2013, the US Team won Team Gold and Individual Gold in Ireland in the FIPS-Mouche World Youth Fly Fishing Championships, and went on to win the gold in the the prestigious America Cup Fly Fishing Competition, remaining undefeated.  That same year, Paul represented the US in Portugal at the FIPS-Mouche conference. The 2015 Youth Worlds  held in Vail, Colorado afforded the team and the Head Coach the third consecutive gold medal..

paulandchrisfrance           Paul is an avid single-hand and double-hand caster and enjoys instructing as much as fishing. He is a FFF Certified Casting Instructor and one of fifteen members of the men’s national fly fishing team, Team USA.  His work with the FFF affords the privilege of testing new candidates and has been instrumental in furthering his fishing ability and his success as an instructor.  Paul was a full time police officer in his home town before leaving to produce “In The Loop”, one of the most progressive fly fishing shows on television.  He resides in Franklin, NC with his wife and 5 year old daughter.

“From early on I recognized that taking out the individual aspect, and reinforcing the team aspect was critical.  Every angler, every coach, every parent, every support member, is an element to our success.  A very good angler cannot win consistently by himself.  It takes a team that you trust, a team that shares information.  The “team medal mentality” as we call it, is critical.  We fish hard to bring back team medals, and watch the individual standings rise.  I pride Team USA Youth on their modesty and work ethic.  Every member knows that the nature of competition is constantly evolving.  Staying grounded in fundamentals and trusting your, and your team members’ ability is critical to success.  Being willing to lose is the only way to push yourself to become better today then you were yesterday”


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