George Fallon

George Fallon 2015


George Fallon –  Atlanta, GA

George Fallon grew up near Lake Lanier and began fishing at an early age.  He spent most of his summers and every free weekend fishing on the lake. Regardless of where his family has gone on vacation, he has always found the time and a place to fish.   A few summers ago George and his family took a trip to Colorado to fly fish and after that trip he says, ” I was hooked on fly fishing. I am passionate about the sport and have dedicated my free time to fly fishing, tying flies, and learning all I can about competitive fly fishing.”  When he attended his first  US Youth Clinic, he tried to learn as much as possible and become a better angler.

George has a number of thoughts about what he likes about Team USA Youth.  He says, “The first being the privilege and honor of representing my country and team. In addition, I like fishing with and learning from my teammates and coaches. I would like to thank my Team USA teammates and coaches who have helped me improve my skills and have made the dream of becoming a team member a reality. I look forward to sharing what I have learned about fly fishing with other youth anglers while I continue to improve my own competitive fly fishing skills.”

George’s next few years will see him attending college to further his education in environmental studies and conservation. While working towards this goal, he plans to continue to fly fish on a competitive level, as well as for  recreation.  George says, “I hope to share what I learn about conservation and raise global awareness on environmental issues so that everyone, in all countries, will understand the importance of keeping our waters clean and the earth protected. My goal is that future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the thrill of fly fishing.”