Hunter Hoffler

Hunter Hoffler – Moreland, GA.


Hunter has always loved fishing but has only fly fished for part of his life.  While he hasn’t had as much time in this sport as some of the others, he has dedicated almost every day to becoming one of the elites in it.  He started fly fishing in Wyoming when one day about four years ago he was out there with not much else to do.  As he says, “ever since then I have been hooked!”  One of Hunter’s favorite things about being on Team USA is the camaraderie.  he has many close friends on the team and he thinks that they will be close friends for a long time.  He says, ‘Also, I can’t help but be happy to be on a team that has medaled in the past two world competitions!”  Currently in school, and hoping to study wildlife management, Hunter hopes to stay in the fly fishing circuit and make it on to the men’s team.  “I think that I will accomplish these things if I can continue to improve every day.”