James Carlin

James Carlin
Ketchum, Idaho

James began fly fishing when he was 11 years old. Guy Robins, who is still a close friend and mentor,
taught him how to tie his first fly. The fly they tied was a Zebra Midge and, after they tied it, they went
to the river to fish. On his first cast, with his first fly, he hooked and landed a sixteen inch rainbow
trout. From that moment on, he was “hooked” on fly fishing. He continued tying and started designing
his own flies that he sells through his business, Bigwoodflies. In addition, he ties at fly tying
expositions and spends as much time as he can on the river. He reads books, magazines and listens to
podcasts about fly fishing and tying daily. He had the opportunity to work at Silver Creek and Lost
River Outfitters and where he spends as much time as possible learning from and conversing with the
amazing guides and clientele. James believes that it is an honor to represent the United States. He
says that there are so many different aspects of being on the team that make it so great, such as talking
non-stop about fly fishing, sharing new patterns and tying together as well as having more time on the
river… but he says that his favorite part is “spending time with and learning from such incredible
teammates and coaches.” His immediate future goals include college, with a major in business, to
continue working on his company Bigwood Flies and X20, which is a water bottle company he created
with a friend. He welcomes the opportunity to compete in a world championship.