Jonathan Dietz

Jonathan (Little J) Sig Dietz – Corry, PA.

Jonathan first began fly fishing at around the age of 10. His mom gave him a fly tying kit for Christmas, and one day when it was snowing hard, he decided to give it a try. He loved it immediately and tarted catching bluegill and large mouth on the flies that he had tied. The following autumn, he and a friend wanted to try for steelhead and from then on his growth in the sport was exponential, and he worked to learn everything he could. He enrolled in a Trout Unlimited camp and then heard about the youth team clinics.  Jonathan says “It was one of the greatest experiences of my life and from that point on I’ve been challenging myself and trying to do more competitive fly fishing.”  One of his favorite aspects of being on the team isn’t only the fact that he is on it, but also that he gets to be in a group with others who all share the same interests. “I enjoy it and look forward every time I get the opportunity to spend time with them.”  In five years Jonathan sees himself being very involved with the youth team clinics, doing everything he can to help the organization and working hard to make the adult team.