Josh Kim



Josh Kim – Georgia

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Josh’s  motivation to start fly fishing came from watching others doing it on the river. Before that time, he had always been fishing with a hook and bobber, so watching fly fishermen on the river seemed “so cool to me.  The constant rhythmic movement of the line was amazing to watch and I wanted to learn the sport. I got a fly rod for Christmas that year, and my love for the sport kept on growing ever since.”

Josh really enjoys the helpfulness of his teammates and being able to learn new techniques from them.   He remarks that the sportsmanship and willingness from everyone to help others “is awesome to see and participate in. ”  He believes that learning through competition is a great way to learn, and Team USA Youth provides him with an opportunity to do just that.josh kim1

When asked where he sees himself in five years time, Josh responded that he sees himself in college learning about biology, and working towards becoming a biologist. Despite being busy from school, he hopes to be on the water as much as possible, trying to both help others and improve his own skills.