Mark Hanes

Mark Hanes 2014

Mark Hanes was born in the Allegheny National Forest Region of Pennsylvania. The streams and rivers around his hometown of St Mary’s and Elk County served as a laboratory for a kid bitten with the fly fishing bug at an early age. Much of his core knowledge of fly fishing with self-taught along with helping out and spending much of his teenage years on the water or helping out at the local sporting goods store fly shop. Many of the local anglers that helped feed his thirst for knowledge are still a part of the angler he is today. Their generosity helped Mark realize that giving back to the sport that he loves means more than any medals in the competitive world.

Over the past years Mark has made a name for himself as a true team player in the competitive circuit and stresses that team success is always above the individual accolades. Mark is one of the original founding members of The TroutLegend League and has been a part of the league since day one. With over 20 years of fly fishing experience and 5 years on the TroutLegend and Fly Fishing Team USA circuits. He brings a great deal of experience to the US Youth Fly Fishing Team.

Mark Is also a leader in the conservation world. Currently, he is the President of his local Iron Furnace Chapter of Trout Unlimited. At the state level, Mark also serves as a member of PATU council as NW Regional Vice President and chair of the Membership Committee.

Mark hopes to use his leadership and competitive background to help make the northeastern part of the country a pipeline of talent for the USYFFT for years to come.