Mike Komara




Mike Komara – Pittsburgh, PA


Mike Komara began fly fishing at the age of 13 after being given a fly rod by a family member. He learned the basics of fly fishing on local stocked streams and lakes, and on the famous limestone streams of Central Pennsylvania. During one trip to State College, Mike was told about competition fly fishing by some local fly shop employees, and the former youth team head coach George Daniel. Mike was intrigued and signed up for akomara3 Team USA Youth clinic when he returned home. At the clinic, he was introduced to tight lining and learned the basics of competition fishing. Two weeks later he attended his first competition and since then he has been traveling the country to fish and compete.

When asked what he looks forward to about being on Team USA Youth, he responds, ““I’m excited to represent my state and country, and to be on a team with so many like minded individuals. I’m looking forward to learning more about the sport I love and improving as an angler by practicing with my teammates.”

Mike plans to attend college and pursue a career in anesthesiology. He also hopes to continue to compete and one day make the USA Adult Team.