Noah Thompson

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Noah pictured at the 2010 Slovakia World Youth Championship where he won the individual Bronze medal


Noah Thompson, Worlds Competition Team 2009-2012

Noah Thompson – Austin, TX.

Noah says, “I was pretty much born with a love for fishing and the outdoors.  As a toddler I would spend hours casting my dinosaur rod in our driveway.  We lived on a lake so I moved from the driveway to the water in a hurry. Catching fish consumed me.”  He began to fly fish at the age of five under the careful instruction of his dad, who had recently taken up the sport.  Fly fishing was a natural progression for him because it combined his love of nature and his passion for angling.  “Team USA has been one of the best experiences of my life.  I have met so many people through our clinics who inspire me to be the best angler I can be.”  Noah has been fortunate to travel with the team, visiting countries he had dreamed of seeing. He has made lifelong friendships with other young anglers from around the world who share his passion.  Competition angling has honed his skills in ways and taken his angling techniques and fly tying abilities to a new level.  Most importantly, Noah believes that his success with Team USA has given him a platform to share his passion for the sport through public speaking engagements, casting demonstrations and radio and television interviews. When asked where he sees himself in five years he hopes to be finishing college in Colorado with a degree in Environmental Sciences/ Fisheries Biology with an emphasis on Aquatic Ecosystems.  He would like to pursue a career to study and preserve marine ecosystems around the world. “It is my dream to share my passion for the sport of fly fishing wherever my career may lead me, and to establish new fishing destinations in virgin waters worldwide.”