Tommy Archibald

Tommy Archibald 2015


Tommy Archibald – Birmingham, AL

Tommy remembers when he was about five or six years old and watching his dad fly fish for bass and bluegill in a  local pond and, as he says, “being totally mesmerized.”  His father put a fly in Tommy’s hands shortly after that but it wasn’t until he was eleven, and his family took a vacation to the Smokey Mountain National Park in Tennessee, that he really fell in love with the sport.  Since then, he has
fished all over the country, honed his skills and developed a passion that he plans on pursuing the rest of his life.  Tommy says that he, “wants to specifically thank my parents for supporting and encouraging me to pursue my passion,   Rob Rodgers and David Diaz for spending hours talking with me and teaching me their knowledge, and my coaches and teammates.  I’ve grown as an angler.”

What Tommy likes best about being on Team USA Youth is that he has the opportunity to surround himself with and learn from some of the best anglers in the world.  “Ever since I attended my first clinic in North Carolina in 2014, I have improved immensely by watching and learning from anglers that I now have the honor to call my teammates and coaches.  I couldn’t ask for a better group of guys to surround myself with to help me grow as an angler.”

Tommy sees the next few years as attending college and then on to law school, studying to become and environmental lawyer.  One day he hopes to live in the  western US and work in the environmental law field so that he can help conserve the rivers, mountains and
ecosystems that he loves.