David Reber

David Reber 2015

David Reber –

David has been fly fishing since he was 11 years old.  He started out with an inexpensive fly rod kit from Walmart and began by fishing for bass and bluegill.   He progressed to tying flies shortly after that.   From a contact he made through Craigslist, David received a series of lessons on the banks of the Little Lehigh in Pennsylvania.  One day while fishing on the Little Lehigh, David saw a competitor who  was,  in David’s words, “crushing fish!”  David took the opportunity to talk to the angler who recommended that David look into the website, TroutLegend, which provides information on the competitive fly fishing sport, including upcoming competitions.  David says, ” Once I went on TroutLegend and learned the tactics, I was “hooked” on competition style fishing.”

When asked what he likes best about  being a member of Team USA Youth, he says “I get to share my passion with kids who love the same thing that I do and to be able to represent my country.”   As for his future plans, he sees himself being involved with competition for as long as possible.