Dylan Rumbaugh


Dylan Rumbaugh – Sugar Hill, GA


Dylan Rumbaugh 2014

Dylan began fly fishing on Father’s Day, 2011, when his dad received a gift of a casting lesson from his grandfather.  Both Dylan and his father are from Hawaii, and his dad had been wanting to learn to fly fish for a long time.  Rather than learn by himself, Dylan’s dad bought another lesson for Dylan and the two of them went out to a an area called Jones Bridge.  As Dylan says, “When I cast the line for the first time, I fell madly in love with it, and ever since then I’ve been wanting to get better and better and now look, I’m on Team USA Youth!  What I’ve learned is that if you strive for anything, you can can make the world happen.”

One of the things Dylan likes best about being on Team USA Youth  is “The team mentality, where we can trust and share and pass along the information to help out others on the team. That’s my favorite.  I also like the fact that I feel like I’m family.”  The future looks promising for Dylan, who sees himself on the World Team and traveling to wherever the international competitions will be held.