Robbie Wirth

Robbie Wirth – Moraga, CA.

Robbie’s fly fishing endeavors first started at the age of 6 when he received his first fly rod for Christmas. His uncle had built it for him and had taken him out a couple times to try and get him involved in the sport.  Robbie soon became obsessed and started doing everything on his own. By the age of 9, he had started to tie flies and by 16 he had built a wooden drift boat. As Robbie says, “Everyday, I would become more knowledgeable of the sport and my learning curve really shot up after I joined the USA Youth Fly Fishing Team.”  Robbie first heard about the Team when he was 15 and thought it would be a great way to test his abilities against other anglers. While this is true, obbie has learned that there are other aspects of the sport, too.  “Over the years, I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge for the sport and made many lifelong friends. All of the anglers share a special bond whether you come from here in the US or any of the foreign countries that we compete against. The most important thing about my experience with team is all the friends and memories I have made along the way.”  Currently studying at university, he sees himself graduating with an engineering degree, and would like to pursue a job in engineering.  He thinks that after college he will be working in some sort guiding/fishing profession that will hopefully allow him to travel around the world.